Where I’m at. . .

The recognition that I needed to write a great deal of this weekend to catch myself up and make my deadline resulted, of course, in a fair amount of procrastination, cleaning my work area, planting lambs ears and phlox (geez it’s hot already) and finally, typing, printing and mounting the following above my desk:

The Balloon of the Mind

Hands, do what you’re bid.

Bring the balloon of the mind

That bellies and drags in the wind

Into its narrow shed.

WB Yeats

Thanks, WB.  Four hours later, at least I’m halfway toward my goal and it’s finally quitting time (for today). May the Irish bard inspire anyone reading this. . .

Bye y’all,



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  1. You can never go wrong with wisdom from W.B. I’m sure your book will be great.

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